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Care International

Working with women to fight global poverty.

Present in 87 countries worldwide.

Responsible for coining the term ‘care packages’, CARE International initially established itself as an emergency relief body in 1945. Post-World War II, the organization sent cardboard boxes filled with food, toys and messages of hope to the exhausted population of Europe. Nearly 67 years later, CARE International’s mission has shifted to embody a holistic approach to fighting global poverty. Adhering to the belief that the root causes of poverty are complex and interlinked, their programs respond to emergencies and tackle multiple issues including health, education, economic empowerment, adaptation to climate change, food security, water and women’s empowerment. 

Today, CARE International’s mission is both relief-based and developmentoriented and employs over 12,000 people across 87 countries. With its significant international presence, the organization is often one of the first agencies on the ground following a disaster. With its steadfast dedication to the eradication of global poverty, it also maintains its presence long after the immediate needs fade. 

CARE International currently boasts 905 poverty-fighting projects reaching more than 82 million people around the world, over half of whom are women. Guided by its experience in long-term development work, the organization places distinct emphasis on women throughout its programming, having seen that women have the potential to effect positive change on entire families. When women and girls earn income, they reinvest 90 percent of it into their families. Each additional year a girl spends in school is expected to raise her income by 10-20 percent and an educated girl is more likely to marry later, have fewer children and a higher income. CARE International is committed to stripping away cumbersome obstacles to empower women in hopes of initiating a resounding ripple effect. 

The organization has gained an international reputation for its diligent efforts in responding to the specific needs of the populations it serves. While its mandate is far-reaching, CARE International abides by the understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach will never shift the cycle of poverty. By establishing a long-term presence in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries, CARE International builds on local knowledge to address the root causes of poverty. Ninety-seven percent of its international staff are local nationals enabling the organization to deliver sustained impact. Through training and capacity building, its committed and trusted staff are able to tap community potential and make effective use of local expertise to create long-term sustainable progress.

(Photo © CARE International)