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Seeking solutions to the ‘resource curse’.

20 targeted country campaigns.

For 18 years, Global Witness has run pioneering campaigns against natural resource-related conflict and corruption, as well asassociated environmental and human rights abuses. Established by three friends in 1993, the London based organization focused initially on stopping the trade in illegal timber between Cambodia and Thailand, which was found to be funding the Khmer Rouge. Global Witness’ quick success in convincing authorities to close the overland border – after months of careful evidence gathering – confirmed the place for an organization of its type. 

In the period since, Global Witness has trained its attention on 20 different countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, whilst honing an effective methodology that combines investigative research, comprehensive reporting and targeted advocacy campaigns. The organization’s work on the role of ‘blood diamonds’ in financing civil wars in Africa led to the creation of the precedent-setting Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. More recently, Global Witness has made real progress in tackling the trade in conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and secured an independent audit of Sudan’s oil sector. 

Beyond investigating and exposing specific cases, Global Witness is also committed to systemic reform by seeking to address policies that enable state looting and hinder transparency.

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