Chinese Home interior

Photographer Marrigje de Maar takes us on a personal journey into many Chinese homes. Each picture speaks about an individual or a group of people. The sense of welcome is present, whatever life has given or taken. Her book, Red Roses Yellow Rain is a fascinating contribution to a better understanding of why China remains as much as ever the Middle Kingdom.

Six years ago, Marrigje de Maar started traveling in China. Between 2005 and 2010, she photographed hundreds of interiors. Five journeys to find out what ‘home’ means to the Chinese. Five trips that took her to many corners of China: from Xinjiang and Qinhai to Heilongjiang, from the fringes of Tibet to the mountains of Guizhou and Yunnan, from Inner Mongolia to Shanxi, Fujian and Beijing. Marrigje de Maar has gone straight to the heart of Chinese life.

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photographs by Marrigje de Maar