Latest activities of group Maria Marinaki Has New Global Issues Director2011-05-07T20:03:28Z<p><img style="float: right; margin: 5px;" title="Maria Marinaki" src="/s3/cache%2F6b%2F78%2F6b78a79c356de0358ad6181dfeb7e625.jpg" alt="Maria Marinaki" width="201" height="220" />The European Union&rsquo;s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, has named a new director for global and multilateral issues within the EU&rsquo;s new diplomatic service launched on December 1, 2010.</p> <p>&nbsp;Maria Marinaki, a Greek career diplomat, is the last of seven directors to be appointed to the EU&rsquo;s European External Action Service (EEAS) which operates as a foreign ministry and diplomatic corps for the EU, implementing the EU's&nbsp; Common Foreign and Security Policy and other areas of the EU's external representation.</p> <p>&nbsp;&ldquo;Maria is an experienced diplomat who will make an important contribution to our work on a wide range of issues, including human rights and non-proliferation,&rdquo; Ashton said in an annoucement on March 31st.</p> <p>&nbsp;Marinaki&rsquo;s other mandates will include democratization, conflict-prevention and relations with the UN and regional organizations.</p> <p>&nbsp;Marinaki is the only woman at the managerial level in EEAS as well as the most senior Greek national in the diplomatic service. She is currently Greece&rsquo;s Permanent Representative to the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) in Vienna.</p>