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What is a Global Mind?

Global Minds are executives, experts, academics and individuals coming from a variety of backgrounds. Some work for UN agencies and NGOs, others in research centers, universities or the private sector. All Global Minds have one thing in common: they look to exchange views with other members on a variety of global governance issues. Topics discussed include energy security, social entrepreneurship, internet governance, politics of development and humanitarian aid. The Global Minds platform gives individuals the opportunity to share their knowledge and insights on these topics and be informed about emerging debates.

Why has The Global Journal started the Global Minds project?

Today’s most pressing challenges are global in nature. New forms of governance are emerging that will shape our lives for years to come. Through the Global Minds platform, The Global Journal facilitates new ways of thinking and connecting innovative ideas that address global governance issues. Global Minds are invited to voice their opinions through articles posted on our website.

How does the Global Minds community work?

Global Minds write articles in their field of expertise and post them on the Global Minds platform. Before contributions become public The Global Journal reserves the right to review them. The Global Journal does not accept any anonymous comments and posts on the Global Journal webpage. Every comment and post is linked to a specific member of Global Minds to allow for a transparent and insightful exchange.

How to become part of the Global Minds community?

In order to become a Global Mind, sign up on the Global Minds page by providing the necessary information. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted shortly after.

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