The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a private, independent and non-profit organisation working on the basis of humanitarian principles and human rights. DRC strives to secure the protection of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) and promote durable solutions to displacement.

Acute crisis:

DRC’s prime role is to save lives and alleviate the immediate suffering for people who find themselves in acute crisis, which is characterized by active conflict, violations of rights and displacement.

This is done through emergency relief: food distribution, water and sanitation shelter and non-food items (NFIs), and also legal and other forms of protection and advocacy.

In displacement:

DRC aims to ensure protection of displaced people by strengthening their livelihoods along with the hosting communities. DRC’s activities also include support for income generation, ensuring provision of social services and rights advocacy for the displaced.

Durable solutions:

When a durable solution – e.g. local integration, resettlement or return – has been found, DRC works to promote it. To ensure the sustainability of the durable solution, DRC works with strengthening of local institutional capabilities and of livelihoods as well as with advocacy.

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