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Injaz Al-Arab

Inspiring the ‘Waiting Generation’.

10,000 corporate volunteers engaged.

Amidst the recent political and social upheavals across the Middle East and North Africa, much has been made of the frustration felt by the region’s vast youth population in the face of stagnant economic opportunities. A pan-Arab educational organization based in Amman, Jordan, Injaz al-Arab aims to address this challenge by harnessing the mentorship of business leaders to help inspire a culture of entrepreneurialism and innovation.  

Spearheaded since 2004 by the energetic Soraya Salti, Injaz al-Arab has grown to reach more than 500,000 youth in 13 countries, while pioneering a programme of public-private partnerships that has introduced over 10,000 corporate volunteers into public school classrooms. These volunteers have assisted in entrenching practical business-related skills and financial literacy as part of the regular educational curriculum, in addition to acting as mentors to students as they participate in linked initiatives like a regional business plan competition.

From Injaz al-Arab’s current presence in 716 schools, Salti aims to scale the successful model further in order to reach one million youth on an annual basis – a welcome development in a region where 100 million graduates are expected to enter the labour market in the next 15 years.

(Photo © Injaz Al-Arab)