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International Development Enterprises

Life-changing irrigation technologies for poor farmers.

Client base of 1 million.

International Development Enterprises (India) is a not-for-profit enterprise committed to providing long-term, market-driven solutions to poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Based in New Delhi since 2001 (and formerly part of the global International Development Enterprises family), the organization aims to stimulate a sustainable and free market by creating demand for technologies that even the poorest farmers can afford and ensuring a reliable and enduring supply chain. 

Focusing its energies on the development and mass marketing of small-scale irrigation technologies, International Development Enterprises (India) works to bring simple and environmentally sustainable products to marginalized farming communities. Its greatest success has been with the ‘Farmer’s Friend’ treadle pump – a manually operated irrigation device now used by approximately 750,000 small farmers in eastern India. Its drip irrigation system has been purchased by a further 250,000 farmers, leading to a client base of over a million people. These simple technologies have had a marked impact, trebling the annual income of users while replacing highly polluting diesel pumps at a lower cost. Over 15 years, the cumulative additional earnings will reach $1 billion. 

Taking a holistic view, International Development Enterprises (India) emphasizes how this additional wealth has had a flow-on effect, improving access to education for local children as well as their essential nutritional intake.

(Photo © International Development Enterprises (India))