Seen from outside the box –the American one, that is– many wonder what the USA is or is not doing to move forward in the field of energy. Not so much what the giants of oil, solar or wind are doing. But whether there are individuals able to restore, in any lasting way, the American spirit of competition and innovation against the general inertia that seems to have stricken the United States. Long before the Democrat defeat/Republican victory in the House of Representatives, the question of U.S. commitment to ‘new’ energy –the heart of the debate on climate change– remained unanswered. Will this commitment ever come? From the markets? Multinationals? NGOs? Who now needs convincing? Public opinion? The consumer? Politicians? An “American Energy Dream Team” must, sooner or later, emerge to launch a new kind of Apollo Program, for energy, that will, finally, lead the world in the 21st Century to switch to sustainable energy. The Global Journal has imagined the core of this Dream Team. Others will join them, but, here are the first 15 Americans that we see turning the crank and restarting the engines. They are more than capable of doing so. But, when? Sputnik moments are multiplying! The world should be concerned, because China, although certainly wide-awake, will not be able to turn the planet round by itself. The world may well need these 15 Americans.

Ruthie Ackerman meets the Dream Team and reports.


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