In India, the most fundamental challenge for decades together has always been the scarcity of food and lack of education. For me as an individual that closely works with children I have found it most difficult to communicate the 'rights' based language - the right to education, the right to life etc. I for one propagate The Right to Play for all children and still many times, this is considered to be so rare that it almost surprises people to know that there exists a cause that fights for children to have access to healthy play!

Toys play an integral part in this learning process and a variety of well chosen toys help towards each child's individual development. As children grow and develop, their needs will change with their age and with their differing abilities and interests.

The biggest threat to the humanity, in my opinion is nothing but poverty. Socialist governments claim to address this issue. Even after six decades of independence India has achieved very little in wiping out hunger deaths and suicides. If we analyse poverty we can easily perceive, its origin i.e., disparity. We have seen it in a pronounced manner among the children and at Toybank we would like to remove this disparity at least at Toy level. Our toy distribution events have given us the faith that we are in the right direction. We interact with the kids, build a rapport, get to know their dreams and aspirations and tell them about values and the importance of education. To make education more fun, we give them educational toys and games apart from soft toys, dolls and cars. We also guide them to stay as a team, thereby inculcating the values of caring and sharing. 
All children are natural learners; constantly absorbing new experiences in their everyday lives. Therefore the toys they play with play an integral part in this learning process.