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Anti-Slavery International

Fighting against modern slavery in all its forms.

170 years of enduring impact.

Despite the lauded achievements of the abolitionist movement two centuries ago, slavery still exists today. Anti-Slavery International, founded in 1839 following the passing of Britain’s Slavery Abolition Act, is the world’s oldest international human rights organization and the most prominent in the continuing contemporary global fight against slavery in all its forms – from bonded and forced labor, to human trafficking, early and forced marriage, and ‘slavery by descent’. 

Committed to the eradication of slavery and slavery-like practices, Anti-Slavery International pursues a multi-faceted strategy of investigation, public awareness raising and campaigning, support for grassroots organizations in affected areas, and advocacy for a more effective legal framework. This approach has achieved real change. The organization has been involved in successful campaigns to stop the abuse of rubber workers in the Belgian Congo and the use of child slaves – Mui Tsai – in Hong Kong. More recently, it has been working towards the eradication of child trafficking and slavery in the cocoa industry, the use of child labor in Uzbek cotton production, and forced labor practices in Indian brick kilns, quarries and garment factories. 

At the systemic level, Anti-Slavery International is working energetically to establish international legal standards for the rights of domestic workers, and towards a victim-centered approach to anti-trafficking policies in Europe.

(Photo © Anti-Slavery International)