Jacques Attali in Paris

Last July, French thinker Jacques Attali proposed in The Global Journal to merge the G20 and the Security Council of the United Nations. In its new issue, the magazine asked Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon his thoughts about such proposition.

"Yes, I understand that his recommendation is to merge the Security Council, the G20 and the Monetary and Finance Committee of the IMF. I believe Mr. Attali added that this would raise the question of the membership of the Security Council and he is right. As you probably know, the question of a reform of the Security Council is something for Member States to decide.

There is a consensus that the Security Council should reflect the realities of the world today. I think this is a common view of Member States, many of whom also wish to see greater transparency and inclusion in the work of the Council. The challenge is to find a solution, a formula, that adequately meets the expectations of the various interests in the Organization, and is at the same time, practical and delivers in terms of effectiveness and greater efficiency."

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