Tall, slim and strikingly handsome, lawyer and politician Mark Muller excuses himself warmly: he was stuck in a press conference. He is the new President of the State of Geneva for this 2011 year.

Geneva is an international city and it also is a State. In 2011, you will be Head of Geneva’s government: how do you feel? 

It’s an important responsibility. I take it very seriously. There is also is a certain pride in having acceded to such a position.

Is being Geneva’s President a dream come true?

Not at all! It is mainly an extra responsibility which is going to give me more work.

Your schedule is going to be loaded with events you will have to attend: are you looking forward to such a big change in your life?

Yes, I am looking forward to meeting new people, from different walks of life, as well as representing Geneva in di erent places. And I have prepared myself for this big change. First of all by surrounding myself with people capable of giving great support. One of the main tasks will be to lead Geneva’s governmental meetings.

In your speeches, you often use the word prosperity… doesn’t it sound strange in an economically tense environment? 

No. I believe it’s the legitimate aspiration of a population. And when I say so, it’s with the idea of maintaining ours. Prosperity is to be kept. We’ve got to defend ours. Geneva is at the heart of strong competition to attract business, companies and international organizations.

You have ambitious projects such as seeing Blue Brain take root here, although the project belongs to EPFL in Lausanne where it started in 2005. What advantages does Geneva have?

Our priority is that Blue Brain stays in the Lake Geneva region. As for Geneva, we o er a magnificent site, which is La pointe de la Jonction. The land is situated between two rivers, the Arve and the Rhône, which is great because Blue Brain is a computer that needs an important cooling system.

Why do you care so much about implanting Blue Brain in Geneva?

A city has to develop its assets on a continuous basis, Blue Brain is the ííìst century’s CERN!

People forget that the Web was born in Geneva, at the CERN, as you reminded us in one of your speeches: do you follow scientifi c studies and discoveries?

I believe strongly in the promotion of scientifi c research! It’s a field where Geneva can be competitive. We are already leaders in physics.

You have a profi le on Facebook which you personally fuel: why?

Because I enjoy it, it’s fun and it allows me reach others. It’s the new communication tool: it has replaced the phone.

When you travel to New York, what makes you envious?

The nightlife! We are working a lot in Geneva to improve our offer, especially for young people. And New York clearly is renowned.

Which personality has amazed you recently?

I very much admire Obama. I believe in his capacity to pursue a great number of changes.

You are young, handsome, successful, with the top job at your door. How do you see your future? Where will you be in 5 years? 

…It depends on the day. It goes from taxi driver in New York to real estate.