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No discussion of global governance is complete without consideration of NGOs. NGOs fill essential service gaps, drive innovation and shape public opinion and social change throughout the world.  Recognizing this, The Global Journal’s NGO Nexus is designed to provide a voice and platform to all those organizations – large and small – performing crucial roles globally. 

The NGO Nexus is a hub where members of the public can not only find a centralized source of constantly updated information and coverage on the non-profit sector as a whole, but also engage directly with individual organizations. 

For NGOs, the Nexus is a unique opportunity to increase visibility, keep the wider public informed of new developments, and connect with like-minded organizations. 

At The Global Journal, we are committed to shining a light on the inspiring work being done by NGOs on a daily basis.  We invite everyone to join us in this project.  Welcome to the NGO Nexus.

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