Kathryn Bolkovac was a good cop. Back in her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, the athletic Ms. Bolkovac once wrestled a fleeing criminal to the ground and disarmed him. Kathryn Bolkovac was just as thorough about her paperwork, documenting and recording ever scrap of relevant information. A good police officer, she says, is one who can build a case. When she decided to take a job in 1999 with the private security contractor DynCorp International, Kathryn Bolkovac brought both her zeal and her diligence to her new job on the International Police Task Force in Bosnia. But when she was assigned to investigate the trafficking of girls and women, Bolkovac soon discovered that she was going to have to wrestle with a lot more than one fleeing criminal. Not only was she up against organized crime in Bosnia and the Eastern European mafia that was supplying that market with trafficked women, she would also have to contend with hostility from DynCorp colleagues and even members of the UN policing mission. Kathryn Bolkovac’s investigation was soon annoying a lot of people.

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