Issue #01 – September & October 2010


A Tale of Two Cities full article
Editor-in-Chief Jean-Christophe Nothias decodes the genetic globalism of two NGO world capitals


Of what use is Global Governance?
Pascal Lamy ponders the Triangle of Coherence full article

The iPCC shows its hand
Dr. R.K. Pachauri explains that the trump card over poverty, disease, and hunger is. . . climate change

Beyond fissable and fossil
Interview with Hélène Pelosse: The birth of a new agency


Earthly Powers: The U.S. Major Economies Forum
by Joe Conason

The Iceman Cometh: Climatologist Jean Jouzel off ers a cool assessment of climate change’s heated debate
by Marielle Court

Hijacking Microfinance: How capitalist greed infiltrated a humanitarian motive
by Neil Macfarquhar

The Spanish Solar Phoenix: From rise to ruin, rising again
by Philippe Grenier (text) and Pascal Dolémieux (photographs)

Design Can Change the World: Yves Béhar has convinced us
by Ruthie Ackerman


Oil in the Gulf, Oil in Africa: Imagine a spill that lasts a half-century


Thirty people who challenge the world


Aliens in Mumbai, the art of identity, extreme medicine, and ghostly trips down long rivers

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