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    The Akshaya Patra Foundation was founded in the year 2000 to address two of India’s most immediate challenges - hunger and education. Begun to provide quality mid-day meals to 1500 children in five schools in Bangalore, the Foundation has since then, gained formidable repute for being a child centric organization. The programme was begun with the understanding that the meal would attract children to schools and it would then be easier to retain them. 12 years later working in a Public Private Partnership with the Central and state governments, the Foundation has expanded its footprint to cover over 1.4 million children in nine states across India.

    The uniqueness of Akshaya Patra’s programme lies in its effective technology driven, high-performance and scalable kitchen model that can turn out meals for as many as 150000 children in 6 hours. It maintains consistency in terms of taste and nutritional value of food, thus making it the world's largest and most cost effective NGO managed school meal programme.

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