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    Ashayein works on 3P Agenda: P1: Work for Children in the following categories: Special Child (Autism, CP, DS, MR, etc. with Neurological Development Disorders), Girl Child, Street Child, Differently Abled Child, Palliative Care Child, Terminal Care Child and Rural Child. P2: Run an NGO Association called ASAM (Association of Socially Active Minds) with Members working in the above categories. Support them with a Platform for Fund Raising, Best Practices Adoption, Lesson Learned, Mature Process Adoption, Liaision with Govt and Corporates, Marketing, Communication and Documentation, Advocacy, Research & Development, Events and Seminars, Create Common Facilities, Social Entrepreneurship, Help create Sustainability Process and also work as CSR Consultants representing ASAM. P3: Citizen's Inclusion: Help create awareness among Citizens, make them participate actively and consciously towards these causes, etc.

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