Banshidhar Behera

Social Activist · Bolangir, India More about Banshidhar Behera
  • 61 years old.
  • Member since January 31 2013.
  • Personal Background

    Development Professional with over 25 Year's Of Experience in civil society sector. Founder and Secretary Of AJSA (Anchalika Jana Seva Anusthan),a community based organization based in bolangir district of orissa,India. Founder and convener of Western Orissa Volunatry Association (WOVA),a network of 58 small NGO's and CBO's of western orissa in india.Had worked in Oxfam india as a program officer.Associated and jointly worked with many NGO's and INGO's.Author of best seller book "Prakuritira Baradan" & "Janiba Jaruri". Active Member of Many National and International development networks.Currently working on issues like Agriculture, Environment,Disaster risk reduction  and sustainable livelihood.

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