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    Dr Matthew Aylott is Communications Officer at the UK Energy Research Centre and formerly Science Writer at the National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC); advisors to the UK Government on bioenergy.

    Matthew completed his PhD at the University of Southampton in 2010, which assessed the role of perennial energy crops in meeting the UK’s renewable energy targets. Since joining NNFCC he has been lead author on a number of Government-funded reports and his work has contributed towards UK Government policy on sustainable energy.

    Matthew also regularly contributes to major publications, such as the award-winning Chemistry World and BusinessGreen magazines, where he provides insight and analysis on issues relating to the bio-based economy. He is a strong advocate of the use of social media platforms like twitter and was recently voted one of the Top 50 most influential sustainability twitter users.

    A skilled communicator and confident public speaker, Matthew has given talks to a wide range of audiences. This included giving the opening speech at the European Biomass Conference in Valencia.

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