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    In a world of cut-throat competition, skill development is essential for securing means of livelihood; all the more for low income earners as they have low literacy levels and few skills which come up to market standards. Quick Action Foundation takes up the responsibility and provides training and rehabilitation of such individuals. QAF train them in various vocations such as driving, mechanics, tailoring, typing, computer, cane-work, carpentry, leather-work, masonry etc. Besides, QAF also works towards the improvement of living conditions and economic standards of other poor and oppressed classes. This includes people residing in urban slums and squatter settlements. For this, various wings of QAF International work tirelessly to promote better health and hygiene conditions through demonstration and awareness as well as providing hardware solutions and also giving the slum residents, especially women and girls, training in various employment oriented vocations for financi al security and increased self-confidence.


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