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    Rights International Spain (RIS) mission is to strengthen human rights accountability in Spain, focusing on access to justice for victims of human rights violations, including victims of past crimes, through a more effective use of international human rights law and mechanisms. To accomplish its mission RIS fosters critical thinking and cutting-edge advocacy in response to key human rights and transitional justice issues in the country. We develop timely policy analysis, produce resources for the legal sector and the judiciary, and support strategic litigation initiatives. Our priority thematic areas for the next two years are: Civil War and Francoism, Universal Jurisdiction and Human rights and Security. Our overall goals for the proposed period are: (a) Promote greater awareness and more effective use of international legal mechanisms of access to justice for victims of human rights violations, including victims of past crimes in Spain. (b) Develop capacity building activities and training targeting the juridical community and civil society organizations; produce policy analysis, tools and resources for human rights advocacy focusing on RIS’ thematic priorities. (c) Propose and support legal reforms aimed at harmonizing domestic legislation with international human rights law standards and norms. (d) Monitor effective enforcement of UN human rights bodies’ recommendations, working in partnership with domestic and international human rights organizations.




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