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    SKIP works with 142 families and 346 children. SKIP aims to increase the number of children in this district completing primary education and either finishing secondary education or finding training/employment. SKIP intends to achieve these aims by: • Fully financing the education (fees, uniforms, materials) for every child in the programme. • Providing a complementary educational programme to reinforce learning at school and help with homework • Implementing educational workshops with parents covering a diverse range of subjects from parenting skills to breast cancer awareness to healthy eating. • Developing projects that involve the parents in service provision (parents currently help in the primary programmes and a parent committee provides feedback on programme satisfaction and requested development). • Granting microfinance loans for small business development and home improvements. • Providing business workshops, such as in basic accounting. As well as providing handicraft workshops for parents, including help with sales and product development. • Making available counselling services

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