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    The Turma do Bem is a Non-governamental Organization whose main project is Dentista do Bem, a network of dentists who voluntarily open their own office to underprevileged young people and monitor their dental health until they are 18 years old, free of charge. The TdB´s aim is to change societal perception of dental health issues, as well as dentists' perception of their work's social responsabilities. This project - the brainchild of Brazilian dentist Fabio Bibancos - already congregates over 15.000 dentists in Brazil, Portugal, and other ten Latin American countries. These volunteers have treated over 30.000 young people all over the world. Patients are selected by a screening held in public schools or social institutions. Poor children and adolescents, under serious oral problems, and those who are about to have their first job have priority. TdB's head office makes the connection with all those involved in the project (the benefited teenager, his family, the school and the volunteer dentists), and the monitoring of the treatment.

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