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    Toybank – a non-profit organization has been set up with the aim of providing toys to children who come from a weak socio-economic background.

    Vision - A world where all children have a happy and healthy childhood. What is the Social Impact of Toybank?

    •Toybank addresses a very subtle subject in the social arena for children. It is a powerful challenge that it is undertaking which is almost always over-looked by many of us who are in the process of change. It provides infinite happiness in the lives of children and gives them a chance to dream, to come out of their shells, and to be children once again.

    •Toybank has reached out to more than 35000 children as on 2012.

    •Many children now have learnt the importance of sharing, of being more sensitive towards their environment, of respecting their elders and even their brothers and sisters, of controlling their temper and most of all through the toys they receive from Toybank, they have again become children, happy and joyous just as how children should be.

    •When you donate a toy to a needy child, you provide a positive outlet for the child's energy and creativity.

    The direct beneficiaries at Toybank are:

    a.The children that receive the toys from Toybank through the distribution events. These children are either street kids; children in hospitals; children belonging to various homes/NGOs; children from remand homes. The age groups vary from 0 to 15 years.

    The other individuals that are indirectly benefited and sensitized from Toybank are:

    b.The children that donate the toys to Toybank.

    c.The individuals from corporate organisations, NGOs, volunteers and schools that participate in the Toybank events.

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