Nana Owusu-Ansah1974

Forester/Wildlife Conservationist · Kumasi, Ghana More about Nana Owusu-Ansah1974
  • 46 years old.
  • Member since December 31 2015.
  • Personal Background

    My name is Nana Owusu-Ansah. I am from Ghana and live in Ghana. I work with the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission of Ghana as a Park Manager in one the nation’s reserves called Gbele Resource Reserve in the northern part of Ghana. I had my bachelor degree at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in renewable natural resources management in 2003. I had my MA in Environment Management and Policy from University of Cape Coast 2009. Both universities are in Ghana. These two previous studies have made me an interdisciplinary person with both natural science at the undergraduate level (renewable natural resources management where the training was geared towards conservation of biological resources) and to the graduate level where I studied policy that affects management of these resources.

    My interest is in sustainable utilization and governance issues concerning natural resources.

    Phone: 00233243451949/00233200407093

    Email: or

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